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Here are just some of the testimonials from past students I’ve taught that are now reaping the benefits of “ Galactic Baccarat ”. Let my unique playing strategy turn you into a consistent winner. Take action now to set up your personal training dates, so you to can learn how to start making the big bucks.


welcome To Las Vegas-2“”I never thought I would pay that much for a any Baccarat or Gambling system, so like every other person I brought all the shoddy cheap ones and lost a hundred times the cost of that useless information (lesson here you get what you pay for). After three years I returned to learn Galactic Baccarat. My first day in playing I won 83 units. This method of playing is groundbreaking.”
Thomas W. Utah


“I made my tuition fee back in less than a week of playing, in addition to another eight hundred dollars. Galactic Baccarat works like magic and best of all its stress free. This is truly a remarkable gambling system. I profoundly recommend this to anybody, from the complete beginner to the accomplished player.”
Joel R. New Jersey


“I had never even played baccarat before but was intrigued by the game. Call it luck or fate the very first website I came across was Galactic Baccarat and

Balagio Front

I took the two day personal training. The course was extensive, clear and precise with no grey areas. The very next day I played this gambling system live and won 11 units my first shoe.”
David T. California


As I don’t live anywhere near a casino I opened an online account and in less than a week my profit using this professional gambling system was a staggering $12,775. What more do you need to know…
Adam H. South Carolina


“I’ve been playing Baccarat for a long time now and was overwhelmed by your seemingly inexhaustible knowledge of this game and the workings of casinos.
Your method for playing is absolutely remarkable and has opened my eyes. I now comprehend why all those other systems out there are garbage, and can’t in any way, shape or form win over the long haul, which is obviously essential. Just by talking to you it’s apparent that you have a great passion for the game and understanding of what it really takes to beat the game consistently which Galactic Baccarat does. You gave me much more than I paid for. THANK YOU SO M
Johan L. Netherlands



Paris Las Vegas“Michael, what you teach is phenomenal! Ever since I learned your method 9 months ago I have never walked out of a casino a loser. You taught me how to bet, when to bet, and your training leaves nothing to guess work! I am so happy I met you, now I am making more money playing baccarat then I do at my day job!.

Updated 1/24/2015. Just wanted to let you know I am still making fantastic money using your strategy! Last night I made 29 units (playing with $100 units) for a total of $2900 profit! I rarely lose a shoe and never walk out a loser! I won 4 shoes in a row last night. Your strategy works like a charm, thanks again for teaching me, this has been financially life changing for me. ……
Carl S. California


“If people just trusted in you like I did they would now be making all kinds of money like I am. I’m glad you are limiting your tuition otherwise the casinos might have to close.”
John S. Las Vegas



“I’m making so much money with your method I’m moving to Las Vegas to play full time. Galactic Baccarat was fun to learn, easy to implement and most importantly it makes me a consistent winner. See you at the baccarat tables”……
Mike B. Los Angeles.


“Because the company I for worked closed down and the industry I worked in is now defunct, I had no way to earn a decent living. While perusing the classified ads I came across yours. With very little baccarat knowledge I decided to call. Within a few minutes it was obvious you were the real deal and after the training so too was Galactic Baccarat. I now have a skill to make a great living no matter what”…..
Brian W. Houston


las-vegas-night 3

“I play a lot of baccarat in Las Vegas and I was always running into you at the tables. What I noticed was you were always happy and your chip stacks were getting bigger by the minute. Everyone else at the tables were losing, including myself.  I needed to know your secret. You smiled and said Galactic Baccarat. I’m now smiling too”…..
Chang B. Vegas





“I met you while you were playing in London. The casinos and books all preach that no gambling system can win because of the house advantage. Galactic Baccarat now changes all that so you now have the advantage. Guess that’s why you are always joking and laughing. Thanks mate for giving me the advantage too……..
Simon D. London England



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